About Tarisai

Hi my name is Tarisai, Zimbabwean born and owner of Savannah Fashions, I moved to Australia some years ago and one thing I found was that I developed a terrible state of homesickness. I developed this need to wear quality clothes and accessories that represented my identity and African cultural background, that showed off our bold, beautiful, vibrant and colorful African prints.


About Us

Savannah Fashions is about celebrating culture, ethnicity and diversity, and celebrating your African heritage and the individual who you represent. Savannah Fashions is about the freedom to express who we are and where we come from through our clothes and accessories. Africa is full of beauty and diversity and rich with culture. From my deep love and passion for my culture. Savannah Fashions was born. Savannah Fashions is an online shop based in Melbourne working with a great team of various partners who produce clothes in Africa, with some clothes designed in Australia. Savannah Fashions sells quality affordable clothing that is designed to definitely fit and suit your body.


Dare to be Different

My Story


Yes that's right That wistful and excessively year to return to some past period or irrecoverable condition well ... irrecoverable for now i guess!

I missed home...

Have you looked for Unique, stylish, excellent quality African clothing and accessories and just couldn't find any? Have you also looked for something to wear that represents your identity represents your African cultural background and wanted to show off aur bold beautiful
vibrant and colorful African print and really struggled to find exactly what you needed?"

I remember trying to find shops that sold beautiful, bright African inspired stylish clothing, colorful and unique accessories and sadly at the time there were none locally or not many online. I remember trying to describe African clothing to my friends and family who lived in Australia, I would order online and open my pack and only to find the quality was not good enough, or the fabric and prints did not represent home and African culture as i remembered growing up. I really wanted to be able to share my culture, especially being a mother with children, I wanted my children to be able to appreciate my culture, their culture, I am proud of who l am, my cultural background I am knowledgeable and appreciative about other African Countries culture and dress and that's when I decided to start my own business, Savannah Fashions.
Savannah fashions is just not about cultural and ethnic clothing and prints, Savannah fashions is about belonging, about community, about culture and most importantly about a movement to cherish, remind and uphold our African heritage for our children and grandchildren, and the community around us.

Savannah Fashions has various featured collections, and you will be sure to find something unique, stylish and vibrant pieces that you love and you will definitely take a piece of Africa with you.

Do you remember the vibrantly dressed lady sitting by the side of the street weaving baskets and necklaces? Everything is handmade, or made with love using Africa's best materials... Just the way we remember is.
-Ethical and sustainable and no wasted materials?